Subject KOGAS celebrates shared prosperity with small businesses at Co-Growth Forum
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[KOGAS Press release/ November 29, 2023] The Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) announced the successful convening of the 2023 KOGAS Co-Growth Forum at the Interbulgo Exco Hotel in Daegu on November 29. This gathering brought together executives and employees from 34 small and medium-sized suppliers, including notable participants such as HS VALVE Co., Ltd.


The forum served as a platform to highlight the accomplishments stemming from major cooperation projects, encompassing areas such as technology development, productivity enhancement, and market support initiatives between KOGAS and its valued small and medium-sized partners.


A notable feature of the event included an insightful lecture by Yoo Jang-hee, former chairman of the Commission for Corporate Partnership, delving into the theme of "The Challenges and Shared Growth of the Korean Economy." Participants engaged in information exchange through seminars covering global energy mix, carbon capture technology trends, and sales support.


In recognition of outstanding collaboration, KOGAS identified and honored five exemplary small and medium-sized companies by presenting them with plaques of appreciation.


Choi Yeon-hye, President of KOGAS, expressed, "Through this event, we were able to foster stronger communication and cooperation with our small and medium-sized partners. KOGAS remains committed to facilitating substantial shared growth." 


It is worth noting that KOGAS has been actively operating the Co-Growth Council since 2012, emphasizing the importance of communication and information exchange with its small and medium-sized partners.