Subject Hanwha Ocean secures three types of AiP from Bureau Veritas for cutting-edge technologies
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[Hanwha Ocean Press release/ December 4, 2023] In a demonstration of its prowess as a leading eco-friendly technology firm, Hanwha Ocean has garnered an array of advanced certifications in carbon dioxide-related technologies. The company secured approval from the esteemed French BV class for three types of Approval In Principle (AIP): the Cargo Handling System, a re-liquefaction system for the LCO2 carrier, and the Onboard Carbon Capture System (OCCS).


A standout achievement is the carbon dioxide-ammonia heterogeneous cargo carrier, hailed as a groundbreaking vessel designed to transport carbon dioxide and ammonia. Industry experts laud it as a pivotal advancement in ship technology, promising substantial improvements in operational economic efficiency.


The rigorous certification process involved Hanwha Ocean successfully completing a demonstration of the low-pressure carbon dioxide cargo operating system. Prior to this, the company had already obtained basic certifications from ABS, DNV, and KR, attesting to the safety and reliability of the LCO2 carrier cargo operating system.


Given the increasing global demand for LCO2 carriers amid carbon reduction initiatives, Hanwha Ocean's innovative vessel addresses key safety concerns. The company recently conducted empirical tests, including pressure control of the cargo operating system and safety device operations at the Geoje site's energy system experiment center.


Looking ahead, Hanwha Ocean has plans for a customer demonstration featuring a range of eco-friendly products, including ammonia, in the first half of the upcoming year. Additionally, the company secured basic certification for the re-liquefaction system applied to the LCO2 carriera critical component that converts vaporized carbon dioxide into liquid form, reducing cargo hold pressure for safer and more efficient operations.


In a bid to maintain its technological edge, Hanwha Ocean is set to commence empirical tests in the latter half of 2024, leveraging its world-class technology and performance in liquefaction systems related to LNG. The company also obtained basic certification for OCCS using amines, expanding its product offerings and positioning itself ahead of competitors.


Hanwha Ocean officials expressed confidence in their technological prowess, stating, "We have proven our overwhelming technological prowess in the field of eco-friendly vessels by acquiring the basic approval of these three cases." With a strong foundation in proven technologies, the company aims to lead the market by expanding its eco-friendly vessel portfolio.