Chairman’s Message
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Korea LNG Bunkering Industry

Association (KOLBIA),

Chairman of KOLBIA

Kim Hwon

You are heartily welcome to the homepage of Korea LNG Bunkering Industry Association (KOLBIA).

KOLBIA was created on Jul. 15, 2016 by energy companies, shipbuilders, and shipping companies among others with a view to performing a leading role for the LNG bunkering industry by pushing for development and commercialization of LNG bunkering related technology.

Expecting that LNG bunkering business will deliver a new growth engine for the Korean shipbuilding and shipping industries, KOLBIA wants to develop LNG bunkering industry by developing related technology and proposing relevant policies to the Korean government.

Furthermore, KOLBIA will do its best to serve as a basis for a leap of the Korean LNG bunkering industry by actively collecting feedbacks from its member companies and thereby creating a basis for their reflection in government policies.

Once again, I thank you for visiting our website and hope that you continue to give your attention and support to LNG bunkering industry.
Thank you.